Tuesday, 10 May 2011

MP3Play: Simple MP3 Player for Android 2.2

This is my first Android app: MP3Play
I wrote it partly to be familiar to Android and also, because I could not find a MP3 player that have what I need.
I was looking for a mp3 player that can let me create playlist and then, select all the files from a folder to add to the playlist. All the player that I found in the Market can only allow me to add by album, by artist or by genre.
So, I decided to write this app myself. You can download it in Android App Market.

I've only tested it on Samsung Galaxy S as this is the only Android phone I have.
Do let me know if u encounter any bugs with it.

Thanks and Enjoy!


  1. This is scary, I was thinking just earlier about what I needed in a MP3 player. I have some audiobooks you see, and the players I've found won't let me select files from a folder and create a playlist from them. Then I found your program and BAM! JUST what I needed!!

    Purely brilliant! Excellent!

    I have a LG Optimus 2X and it works flawlessly on it. Thank you!

    One feature I would wish for is to be able to delete playlists. I made a dud one and I can't delete it now.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    U can edit or delete the playlist by touching on the playlist and hold it for a while.
    Then, the context menu will pop-up; allowing u to choose either to edit playlist or delete playlist.

  3. I'll definately recommend this player to all my friends using android. Its simple, without any not necessary details. Very useful and simply the best :) thanks!

  4. I also want to play wav files. Is there a way? They play on other players.

  5. I have android 4.4 on a BLU advantage phone. 8gb sd card installed. MP3Play will not find song, in root or folders of various names. Any ideas?